PKI Activation

Oman’s Public Key Infrastructure is a national initiative that enables eServices to be provided by key infrastructure players in Oman. It enables online transactions for citizens with the highest level of security and authenticity of electronic paperwork.

What does PKI enable me to do?


An electronic ID, mobile ID or Token to authenticate the identity of the user. Significantly higher level of security than traditional usernames and passwords.

Electronic Signature

Any citizen may use this feature to sign any certificate online at any time without the need to go to the concerned premises, using eID, mobile ID or Token to do so.


Encoding information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. By utilizing PKI, persons can send files through emails safely in which USB Token is used only.

Email Signature

Another way of ensuring the confidentiality of data sent by emails is through signature which can be obtained from using USB Token only.

How do I activate PKI? 


Mobile ID PKI

Where can I activate PKI?

PKI is activated at your nearest ROP station. For a current list of ROP stations, please visit ROP Website.