Dispute Management

Since Mala’a Credit Report contributes towards the decision making of granting credit, it is crucial that the information reported is correct.

Mala’a only reports information received from credit providers. All credit data reporting, correction, update, customers classifications lies with the members as stipulated by the Banking Law and the Bylaw of Royal Decree 38/2019. 

An induvial may access Mala’a Report to verify information reported by the credit provider. Inaccurate, erroneous or outdated information may be reported to Mala’a as disputed information. Mala’a offers a fully automated online dispute management system. The submission of data correction dispute can be easily made via email as per the instructions provided in the contact us page.

Resolving disputes:

  • Mala’a shall acknowledge the receipt of the data correction dispute  within 2 working days from date of receipt of the dispute, with a note on specific items which are subject to dispute, until such time when the dispute is resolved.
  • Mala’a shall investigate and correct the disputed credit information within the stipulated Service Level Agreements with its members to rectify and update the correct records.
  • Mala’a shall notify the data subject of the outcome of the disputed credit information.

In case of customer disputes involves third parties (such as court orders), it is expected that such disputes shall take longer processing time until the third party submit to Mala’a the final outcome.

For clarifications on credit information please contact us .