Mala’a Report

Mala'a Report is a summary of all the credit-related information and public information issued on a data subject. A data subject can either be an individual or a corporate.

What is Mala’a Report?

What does Mala’a Report contain?

Mala’a Report is made up of multiple sections and includes information about credit facilities and re-payment history for the last 24 months.

Mala’a Report for Individuals

Mala’a Report for Individuals is made up of multiple sections including all your financial and credit data.

Personal Information

This section contains personal information that is used to identify an individual. Examples of such information are:

  • Name
  • ID Number
  • Contact Details
  • Relations – this refers to any financial relationship of the individual or company may have with another data subject e.g. co-guarantor for a credit product

Credit Information

This section contains all the reported financial history of the individual or company. Such information includes:

  • Credit contracts
  • Credit repayment history
  • Credit inquiries – detailing recent inquiries by credit providers – including number of recent applications for credit
  • Public Records – information from other public sources

In addition, Mala’a Report helps individual/company to verify their credit information.

Mala’a Report for Corporates

Mala’a Report for Corporates contains all credit-related and public information on an entity. This will ultimately include:

Identification data

For example; company CR, address, inquiries.


Information about one’s data being required by a third party; banks, micro-financial institutions and others that have access to the credit bureau system.


Information about the subject being connected to other subjects: being a guarantor or co-debtor, etc.

Public Records

Information from other public sources.

The Dashboard of Mala’a Reports gives you a high level and consolidated view of information that will allow you to make easy quick decisions. Our Tabbed Navigation System allows you to work through the information in a detailed fashion to dig deep into the history of a prospective client.

Who Uses the Mala’a Report?

Mala’a Report is an information source for credit decision making.

By law whenever you apply for any credit product the potential provider must obtain a copy of your Mala’a Report to use it in assessing whether to grant the credit to you or not.

Each financial institution has its business rules that it uses when making a decision about providing credit and the possible terms. Mala’a Report and Mala’a Score are tools used in credit risk decision management. However different institutions have different attitudes to risk: when one rejects the application the other may approve it.