Mala’a Score

Mala’a Score both for individuals and corporates is one of the most important measurements of financial trustworthiness available.

What is a Credit Score?

What is a Mala’a Score?

Your Mala’a Score is a 3 digit number that predicts the likelihood that you will make your credit repayments on time. The number ranges from 300 to 900 where the higher the score the lower the risk of not meeting your financial commitments.

Your Mala’a Score is dynamic and changes according to your credit and financial behaviour. It is made up of information from your performance of meeting your credit commitments from all financial institutions in Oman.

So missing or delaying a credit repayment beyond the due date, frequently utilising all your credit limits or taking on additional credit may lower your credit score. Equally reducing the number of credit cards, consistently reducing outstanding balances and making payments on or before the due date will likely improve your credit score.

Your Mala’a score is an interactive indicator of your financial condition.