About us

Oman Credit and Financial Information Centre (Mala’a) was established by Royal Decree 38/2019 issued on 8th May 2019 as an independent organization under the supervision of the Central Bank of Oman with financial and administrative independence.

Mala’a enables access to credit through Information Services, Credit Rating, Creditworthiness and solvency insights for individuals and corporates.

The Center’s Membership spans across several sectors including Banking, Finance, Small and Medium Enterprise Funds, Telecommunication, and Insurance. In addition, Mala’a collaborates with several Government registries as Data Providers to establish a centralized database of credit and financial information.

Royal Decree in English    Royal Decree in Arabic

The establishment of the Centre comes as the first pillar of the Central Bank of Oman’s 2019-2021 Strategy: to establish a cross-sectored National Databank that empowers Oman to transform into a knowledge-based nation.

Mala’a’s core services

As a National Databank, Mala’a offers a range of comprehensive services focused on-but not limited to- Credit Bureau solutions:

  • Credit Bureau services
  • Facilitate Instant Decisioning Engines/ Mobile Lending Platforms
  • Consultancy and Analytical Services
  • Fintech Innovation

Our Vision: Empowering Growth through Information

To empower Oman and its people by providing credit and financial information towards building a prosperous nation. This positions Oman on a global map and gives its people the ability to realize their dreams through:


Provides access to accurate, timely and reliable information.


Enhances the importance of credit and financial information awareness across the Sultanate

Our Values


Mala’a never compromises on honoring the trust bestowed upon it, delivering secure information directly from the source.


Mala’a ensures to deliver the highest standard of services through compliance with International standards for data Confidentiality, Integrity & security.


Mala’a is progressive and ensures constant evolution and development.

Our Principles

Data Security

Information security is core to Mala’a. Cutting edge security technologies are deployed to ensure the highest level of data security. Mala’a’s adopts the highest standards for Data, Systems and network security.

Consumer Protection

Mala’a is governed by the Central Bank of Oman, ensuring the confidentially and security of consumer data as stipulated by the Omani Banking Law and the Bylaw of Royal decree 38/2019

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