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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Credit Bureau and why is it important?

A Credit Bureau is a key enabler for Credit Providers (like banks, financing companies, SME funds, etc.), it allows visibility on credit and financial information about the borrowers. Credit bureaus collect all relevant data on credit, financial, and repayment history including defaults into a comprehensive database.

Credit Bureaus help broaden access to credit. They provide lenders with information enabling them to grant credit where previously they would not be able to, through informed credit risk decision making.

Is Mala’a a Credit Bureau?

Mala’a provides credit bureau services like credit reports and credit score, however, its scope is broader than that of a credit bureau, as it is a national databank for credit and financial information. Mala’a will provide more services and products in the future.

Does Mala’a decide on granting loans?

The decision on whether to grant credit is made by the credit providers only. Mala’a furnishes credit providers with information to support their credit risk decision-making and to better understand the probability of meeting the credit commitments. Mala’a does not make any decisions with regards to giving credit or not.

What kind of data does Mala’a have about individuals and corporates?

As per Royal decree 38/2019, Mala’a receives demographic, firmographic, credit and financial data for all individuals and corporates.

How does Mala’a protect my data?

Mala’a is regulated by the Central Bank of Oman and complies with all Information protection and confidentially regulations and policies. Information Security is core to Mala’a. Cutting edge security technologies are deployed to ensure the highest level of data security. Your credit and financial data is only available to you and to the member institutions that you have credit with or have requested credit from.

How can I ensure my data is correct?

Individuals and corporates can raise a dispute through Customer Services in this website. Mala’a’s Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the dispute.

What is the difference between Mala’a members and Data Providers?

A member is an entity that has membership agreement with Mala’a and submits credit/financial information to the Centre and in return have access to credit reports through the credit bureau system to manage their credit risks.

A Data Provider is a government or private registry/database that feeds data to Mala’a system in order to help build a national Databank.