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Can you explain the difference between Oman Credit and Financial Information Centre, Mala’a and Credit Bureau?

The Oman Credit and Financial Information centre is the official name of the body established by Royal Decree. To better reflect our vision and values the Mala’a is the brand name is used to represent the centre. One of Mala’a core tasks is to operate the national Credit Bureau for Oman.

What is a Credit Bureau and why is it important?

Mala’a serves as the National Credit Bureau for Oman. Credit bureaus collect all relevant available data together on credit and financial history, repayment history and defaults, into one comprehensive database. This acts as a reference for lenders to help decide whether they wish to extend credit to you.

Credit Bureau’s help broaden access to credit as they provide lenders with information enabling them to grant credit where previously they would not be able.

Does Mala’a decide if I get a loan or not?

The decision on whether to grant credit is made by the credit provider whom you have applied for credit from.

If you request a loan from a credit provider they will look up your details from Mala’a to understand whether or not you are likely to be able to meet the commitments of this loan.

Mala’a DOES NOT make this decision for them. It simply provides data that helps them make the final decision and assess your credit risk.

What data does the Credit bureau hold on me?

Recent credit and financial information will have a stronger impact on decision making than older information.

How is my data protected?

Mala’a is regulated by the Central Bank of Oman and complies with all Information Protection and Confidentially Regulations and Policies.

Your financial data is only available to you and to member institutions that you have requested credit or financing from.

How can I ensure my data is correct?

Should you believe your data is incorrect then you are encouraged to raise a data correction case with Mala’a through our customer service team. Please refer to the Ensuring Correct Information section of this website for details on how to do this.

Mala’a will investigate the case, and if it is proven, the relevant member will update the Credit Bureau database.

What is the difference between a member and a data provider?

Mala’a members are organisations that have a bilateral agreement with Mala’a to exchange data. Mala’a members are mandated by the royal decree to provide the Bureau with credit information of their clients. For details please refer to the members section of the website.

Data providers are Government/public registries that under the stipulations of the Royal Decree are required to share data with Mala’a to support credit decisions and reduce credit risk. For details please refer to the Data Providers section of the website.