May 27, 2024

Mala’a Participates in COMEX Technology Show 2024

Oman Credit and Financial Information Center (Mala’a) actively participated in the 33rd edition of COMEX Technology Exhibition 2024, held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center from May 27th to 30th, within the banking and financial pavilion. With over 200 participants from the public and private sectors.

During the exhibition, Mala’a launched the “Mala’ati” mobile application, enabling individuals to easily extract their credit reports. This application aims to enhance transparency and provide immediate, accurate credit information, helping users make informed and effective financial decisions. Mala’a also featured a digital kiosk at their booth, where visitors could instantly obtain their credit reports through Mala’a’s Murshid platform (EKYC), which is connected in real-time with the Royal Oman Police and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion. Additionally, users could speak with Mala’a’s Customer Support team via video call to address their questions and inquiries.

Bassam Al-Jamali, General Manager of Mala’a, explained that this application is a strategic step to facilitate the immediate and easy extraction of credit reports for individuals and companies, enabling them to make smarter and more effective financial decisions. He also stated that this application reflects Mala’a’s commitment to providing innovative financial services and advanced technological solutions to the community.

Mala’a also featured an interactive booth for calculating estimated credit scores, an educational tool designed to introduce visitors to the concept of creditworthiness. Through a series of questions related to financial behaviors, individuals and corporations could receive an estimated credit score based on their answers, helping them better understand their financial and credit standing. Additionally, the booth included an instant photo corner, where visitors could take photos and receive both printed and digital copies as keepsakes.

A distinctive panel discussion on the “Instant Decision Module” (MURSHID),” featured representatives from Mala’a who discussed the vital role of technology in enhancing access to credit information, facilitating it, and supporting financial decisions for individuals and corporations. The session highlighted the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders in the financial system to promote innovation and achieve digital transformation.

In line with its commitment to strengthening cooperation and innovation in the financial technology sector, Mala’a concluded its participation in COMEX by signing several agreements during the exhibition to exchange credit information with QPay and WADIAA and a membership agreement with the Mamun, which are leading companies in the field of financial technology. These partnerships aim to exchange expertise and develop innovative financial solutions to strengthen financial sustainability and transparency in the Sultanate of Oman.

July 3, 2024

Oman Investment Bank Joins Mala’a Membership Network

Oman Investment Bank (OIB) has entered into a membership agreement with Oman Credit & Financial Information Centre (Mala’a), to become a banking sector member. The agreement involves providing Mala’a members with a comprehensive credit and financial information database. This database will facilitate informed credit decision-making, financial capability assessments for clients, and evaluation of potential financial […]

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July 3, 2024

Global Financial Solution (OmPay) Joins Mala’a Membership

Global Financial Technology LLC (OmPay) has entered into a membership agreement with the Oman Credit and Financial Information Center (Mala’a). The membership agreement includes access to Mala’a’s Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC) service, known as Huwiya, that is designed to streamline electronic customer identity verification and enhance credit information accuracy. The agreement, signed by Bassam […]

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May 28, 2024

Oman Credit and Financial Information Center (Mala’a) Wins Excellence Award in Credit Information Services

Oman Credit and Financial Information Center (Mala’a) has been awarded the Excellence in Credit Information Services Award by OER Magazine during the “New Age Banking ” summit. This award recognizes the quality of services provided by the center to its members and service providers. Commenting on this achievement, Bassam Al Jamali, General Manager of Mala’a, […]

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